Seed Stage Investors

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Entrepreneur Advisors
Wayfair Niraj Shah &
Steven Conine
Founders of Wayfair
DataXu Mike Baker CEO of DataXu
Graph Effect Stephano Kim President of AHA Life
Co-Founder of Blackboard
Performable David Cancel Chief Product Officer of HubSpot
Founder of Compete
Visible Measures Brian Shin Founder of Visible Measures


The fundamental character or spirit of a culture; the underlying sentiment that informs the beliefs, practices, and customs of a group.


Craft Brewer Approach

The venture capital industry is maturing much like the beer industry, with only two winning strategies emerging. On one hand, the mega-brands win on scale. Big brewers compete across multiple price points, geographies, and styles, much like large-scale VC’s compete across multiple geographies, sectors, and stages.
Alternatively, we've also seen an emergence of "craft brewers" in the VC market who pursue excellence with a focused approach and distinct style. As beer drinkers ourselves at NextView, we love micro brewers who are passionate about their craft, and work hard to create raving fans. We think most entrepreneurs feel the same way about their early-stage funding partners (and their beer).


  • We are a focused investor, applying our efforts heavily on only a few opportunities at a time. We do not “spray and pray” nor “buy an option.” Rather, we treat each investment as a full allocation of our capital, time, and dedication.
  • We invest in follow-on rounds to support and empower our portfolio companies. However most of our capital is concentrated in the early stages of a company to most closely align ourselves with the founders we work with.
  • We aspire for Golazo in every investment we make because historically, extraordinary returns in the VC business are generated by large asymmetric outcomes. However, our model allows us to be successful in modest sized exits which could be life-changing for founders. Although we strive for Golazo with every new investment, we work with founders to pursue the most natural path that fits with their company.
  • We often take board seats or board observer seats. We concentrate our time in the first several formative years of the company where we find that we can make the biggest impact.

Investment Model

  • We invest in only a handful of companies each year per partner.
  • We typically invest $250K - $500K in seed financings with a total round size between a few hundred thousand dollars to a couple million.
  • We will invest in the best opportunities regardless of geography. But as hands-on investors, we focus mainly on the US east coast. We feel that it’s incumbent on us not just to be participants, but also meaningful contributors to the long term success of our ecosystem.
  • A NextView partner serves as a lead and advocate for every investment we make. Each partner is an equal owner of the NextView franchise, and we offer entrepreneurs access to the full efforts of the entire team.
NextView Ventures is located at 179 Lincoln St (entrance on the Greenway) steps away from South Station and Boston's Innovation District.
You can get to our office via subway, bus or Amtrak. Or if you're driving, here are some handy parking options.

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