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NextView’s 2014 Year in Review: New Additions, Big Launches & More

We wanted to take a quick moment to thank the founders and teams who made 2014 a successful year, as well as outline some of the exciting happenings from NextView Ventures in 2014.


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  December 19th, 2014

Harvard’s Big Moves to Improve Its Startup Spirit: An HBS Student’s Take

NextView Ventures is excited to welcome Dimitri Dadiomov to the team as an MBA Associate. He is currently a second year student at Harvard Business School and will be focused on supporting the early-stage startup community in Boston and its schools. He’ll work with NextView through his final semester at HBS. This is his first post to The View From Seed. (more…)

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  December 10th, 2014

How to Divide Founder Equity: 4 Criteria to Discuss

Editor’s note: Understanding how to divide founder equity at a startup can be tricky, even to the point of reaching emotional riffs between founders. Below, Lee Hower offers advice for approaching these equity discussions objectively and properly. In addition to being a co-founder of NextView Ventures, Lee was an early member of PayPal and a founding team member at LinkedIn, so he speaks as both a former entrepreneur and a VC. (more…)

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  December 4th, 2014

Startup Data: 4 Strategies Changing the Speed & Size of Your Series A

Once a startup has raised seed capital, plenty of theories and advice exist on how to successfully raise a Series A. Recently, we looked at our own portfolio at NextView Ventures to dig a little deeper on how startups actually raise that next round of financing. (more…)

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  November 18th, 2014

Designing Products from Scratch: An Interview with UX Leader Josh Porter

Josh Porter is the founder of What to Wear Daily, a service that helps you prepare for your day. He is best-known as the creator of 52 Weeks of UX and was also head of UX at HubSpot, by way of being co-founder of Performable (acquired in 2011). Below, Josh talks about designing features from nothing and how to make important design choices during the pre-seed and seed-stage phases of startup growth. (more…)

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  November 12th, 2014

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