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Hiring Writers at Your Startup? Scrap Your Usual Approach

The best writer I ever hired at a startup wasn’t a former journalist. He wasn’t a former marketer or a former teacher or even a former liberal arts major. (more…)

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  August 27th, 2014

How Various Types of Startup Investors Affect Your Seed & Series A

One question that I’m often asked is, “How should I think about the composition of my seed round?” In other words, how many investors and what type (angels, seed funds, larger funds, etc.) make an ideal seed fundraise? (more…)

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  August 20th, 2014

Understanding Different Types of Angel Investors

We at NextView Ventures invest exclusively in a startup’s seed-stage round, meaning that many if not most of our deals are made alongside individual angel investors. These angels, however, come in many different shapes and sizes. (more…)

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  August 13th, 2014

Values Build Startup Culture: A Founder’s Take on Getting Started

This is a guest post from Ben Rubin, co-founder and CEO of Change Collective, which offers courses for behavior change with world-class experts.

For seed-stage startups, when resources are tight, trying to consciously build startup culture can feel wasteful. Below, Ben makes the case for why defining values is actually a worthwhile exercise, and he outlines his startup’s approach. (more…)

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  August 5th, 2014

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Recent Seed-Stage VC Investments

Two weeks ago, my partners and I here at NextView Ventures announced our second fund.  And since we will continue to look proactively at new seed-stage tech startups over the next few years, the question becomes: What, then, will these companies look like? (more…)

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  July 31st, 2014

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