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Accidental VC: The Most Dangerous Question for Founders to Overlook in Pitches

Accidental VC is a series of short posts written by me, Jay Acunzo. Though I never planned it, I somehow wound up working in VC as NextView’s VP of platform. As an operator, not an investor, I’m amazed at how many casual, throwaway comments that happen inside a VC’s office would be genuinely useful to entrepreneurs building their businesses. So this series is my attempt to share that knowledge beyond our walls … one overheard lesson at a time. (more…)

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  April 23rd, 2015

4 Founders & Harvard MBAs on Finding Startup Traction & MBAs-as-Entrepreneurs

On the heels of our research on HBS entrepreneurs, NextView’s Dimitri Dadiomov (HBS ’15) interviewed several top founders on the early stages of their companies. Below is a summary of some of their answers in which they discuss the genesis of each company, their views on when MBAs should start companies, and more. (more…)

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  April 21st, 2015

Value Inflection Points for Seed-Stage Startups

When raising capital, it’s important to focus on raising enough money to get your company past big value inflection points. (more…)

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  April 16th, 2015

Harvard Is a Hotbed for Entrepreneurs (But Needs More Authenticity, Less Whiteboarding)

Editor’s note: We recently published original research on the startup activity of Harvard Business School classes between 2008 and 2014. NextView’s David Beisel and Dimitri Dadiomov recently sat down with Michelle Tandler (HBS, Trinity Ventures) on her podcast to analyze this data further. This is a paraphrased summary of that interview.

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  April 14th, 2015

4 Dirty Secrets VCs Won’t Admit

Recently, I’ve been mentally noting a few things that I observe VCs doing regularly that many entrepreneurs may not readily understand. (more…)

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  April 7th, 2015

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