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Can Pre-Seed Capital Hurt an Entrepreneur’s Chances to Raise Seed from VCs?

In the last year or so, the debate over the definitions of seed versus pre-seed capital (sometimes called genesis rounds) has exploded. (more…)

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  March 26th, 2015

Unicorns Don’t Exist: Why This Startup Dialogue Is Incredibly Dangerous

There is something so funny and also so appropriate about all this talk about Unicorn companies. (more…)

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  March 24th, 2015

Is This Ex-Googler’s Pre-Product Approach the Fast Track to Product-Market Fit?

If you’re in the tech startup industry today, you get the sense that every one of your peers wants to take on the entire world. (more…)

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  March 19th, 2015

How to Do Research on VCs (Written by a VC)

In a typical first meeting between a VC and team of co-founders, the investor typically ends up asking more questions than the founders. Here at NextView, we (like all good VCs) encourage founders to ask questions they may have of us, but it’s just the nature of the interaction: We spend the majority of the time talking about the founders’ startup, not the VC firm. (more…)

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  March 12th, 2015

Building for Massive Mobile Success: An Ex-Bleacher Report PM on Creating Their Hit App

Tamiz Ahmed is a former product manager at Bleacher Report, where he helped build the successful app for sports fans, Team Stream, prior to the company’s nine-figure sale to Turner. Ahmed is a former Googler and the current founder of Nani. Below, he shares product management lessons from his time at BR. (more…)

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  March 10th, 2015

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