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How to Control Content Marketing Better Than Neo Controlled The Matrix

Just for a minute, think back to the movie The Matrix. (Don’t worry, I mean the first one, not the so-so sequel or the can’t-believe-I-paid-for-this third). (more…)

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  July 24th, 2014

Boston’s Product Managers on Feature Prioritization & Internal Strife

Every few weeks, as part of our platform of startup resources, NextView Ventures hosts a Product Manager Breakfast. In organizing this recurring series, we aim to bring together top product leadership to discuss their craft in an informal, intimate setting. The following is a summary of the most recent topic discussed. (more…)

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  July 22nd, 2014

Announcing NextView II: Our 2nd Seed-Focused Venture Capital Fund

Editor’s note: This post was originally published to NextView Ventures co-founder and partner Rob Go’s blog. Find it here.

On behalf of our team at NextView, I’m very pleased to announce that we have just closed our second fund.  NextView Ventures II is $40M, twice the size of our first fund, and we continue to be exclusively focused on seed-stage companies pursuing internet-enabled innovation. (more…)

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  July 17th, 2014

58,000 Retweets Later: The Story of Dropbox’s Most Successful Tweet

This is a guest post from Ivan Kirigin, CEO of YesGraph and formerly product and growth at Dropbox and Facebook. While a lot of effort has gone into building Dropbox’s Twitter following and marketing machine over the years, Ivan was kind enough to share a quick summary of one campaign that was particularly successful, generating over 58,000 retweets. (more…)

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  July 15th, 2014

HubSpot’s @Dharmesh Creates Epic SlideShare on How to Market Your Startup

Dharmesh Shah knows a thing or two (or three … or 100) about startups and marketing. (more…)

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  July 9th, 2014

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