Jay Acunzo

Jay is the VP of Platform at NextView. He leads all content, including hosting and producing the firm's flagship podcast, Traction. A former digital media strategist at Google and head of content at HubSpot, Jay also hosts the highly produced, narrative-style show, Unthinkable, an exploration of what it takes to break from conventional thinking and trust your intuition to succeed. Visit unthinkable.fm to learn more.

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How to Grow the Supply Side of a Marketplace Startup [Traction #34: Mike Russell, Paintzen)

Mike Russell is the CEO and co-founder of Paintzen, a NextView-backed company based in New York. Over the last couple years, they’ve experienced strong growth for their marketplace business, and today, we dive deep into the weeds of how Mike and team grew the business. More specifically, we learn about the approach and tactics used […]