Tom DeVoto

Tom is an editorial and digital media associate for NextView Ventures. He assists in the development of strategic initiatives to serve the firm's portfolio companies, as well as the startup community as a whole. Originally from Philadelphia, Tom is a Boston College student majoring in economics and minoring in history. He is also on the editorial board of BC's student newspaper, The Heights. When not writing, Tom can be found locked away in his dorm, furiously researching NBA mock drafts.

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    Hiring Your First Engineer: A Technical Entrepreneur’s Take

    How do you build your engineering/dev team from the ground up? There are a few different ways to do it, but unfortunately, none bring a guarantee of success. Let’s make a few assumptions: You are a founder, you have your idea, and you have your money. It is just you. You need to bring in […]

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    How to Hire a Content Marketing Consultant for Your Startup [Process & Checklist]

    Editor’s note: We’ve seen a lot of demand for content marketing talent in our portfolio, including the need for freelancers and consultants. The key is to run a tight process and ask the right questions to vet your candidates. We reached out to a veteran content marketing consultant who works exclusively with startups to help.

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    Seed-Stage Startups: Beware the “Stickiness Squeeze”

    This post originally appeared on Medium and has been reproduced with permission. NextView is also an investor in thredUP. There’s a lot of negativity out there. From the public markets to the private markets, everyone is feeling valuations and optimism contract.

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    Startup Founders’ Favorite Interview Questions to Judge Early Team Fit

    At seed-stage startups, especially companies with well-networked founders and investors, finding applicants who can do a job on paper is not overly difficult. The true challenge is to find candidates who will mesh into a small, budding team and culture. As a result, the interview process during the seed stage can feel a bit more meandering to the hiring manager — who is most likely the […]