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How to Build a Startup Marketing Team from Zero [Traction #33: Mike Volpe, Cybereason]

How to Build a Startup Marketing Team from Zero [Traction #33: Mike Volpe, Cybereason]

So much of digital innovation has changed the way people communicate and create or access content.As a result, few departments in business have changed how they work quite like marketing, and few functions look so fundamentally different today than a decade ago. So hiring your first marketer as a startup founder can be a daunting task. What’s the profile of the candidate? When do you hire someone? How do you run your process? And in the end, how do you ensure you bring on the absolute best person for the job?

On the show today, I talk to Mike Volpe, CMO of Cybereason and former CMO of HubSpot.


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Jay Acunzo

Jay is the VP of Platform at NextView. He hosts two podcasts -- Traction, the official NextView show about seed-stage startup challenges, and Unthinkable, an audio documentary series about creativity in business. A frequent keynote speaker at startup and marketing events, he began his career at Google before leading content marketing teams at Breaktime Media and HubSpot.

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