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Make a Life, Not a Living: Inside WeWork’s Seed Stage with Jesse Middleton [Traction #23]

Make a Life, Not a Living: Inside WeWork’s Seed Stage with Jesse Middleton [Traction #23]

On this episode of Traction, we go inside the thinking behind a $16B startup — worth more than Twitter, Pinterest or Dropbox as of this recording. Today’s guest, Jesse Middleton, is a co-founder of WeWork Labs, the company’s global startup incubator, and currently the head of WeWork X, which includes Labs and also the new WeWork investing and M&A activities. Jesse was also among the first to join the co-founders of WeWork when it started.

Jesse shares insights on everything from mission and hiring to community development to the scrappy and clever tactics they used early on at WeWork. We also peer ahead to the future of what WeWork could be doing globally.

Follow Jesse on Twitter @srcasm and visit wework.com to learn more.

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Jay Acunzo

Jay is the VP of Platform at NextView. He hosts two podcasts -- Traction, the official NextView show about seed-stage startup challenges, and Unthinkable, an audio documentary series about creativity in business. A frequent keynote speaker at startup and marketing events, he began his career at Google before leading content marketing teams at Breaktime Media and HubSpot.

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