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How NextView Makes Our Atypical Startup & VC Podcast, Traction

How NextView Makes Our Atypical Startup & VC Podcast, Traction

In this episode, we mix things up. Jenny Jao of Harvard Business School digs into the making of Traction with host Jay Acunzo. How does it fit into the overall strategy behind NextView Ventures? How should other entrepreneurs produce winning podcasts or content in general? What caused Traction to find early, well, traction…appearing high on the lists of Forbes, TechStars, and elsewhere, all after just a few episodes?

All that and much more in this meta-episode about making these very episodes.

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Jay Acunzo

Jay is the VP of Platform at NextView. He hosts two podcasts -- Traction, the official NextView show about seed-stage startup challenges, and Unthinkable, an audio documentary series about creativity in business. A frequent keynote speaker at startup and marketing events, he began his career at Google before leading content marketing teams at Breaktime Media and HubSpot.

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