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Most Startups Fail Due to Cofounder Conflict [NextView & Reboot Podcast Series Part 2]

Most Startups Fail Due to Cofounder Conflict [NextView & Reboot Podcast Series Part 2]

On August 9, we released the first episode in a series together with Reboot, which helps educate and coach entrepreneurs on communication, leadership, and well-being. Today is Part 2, in which I play the role of skeptic and Reboot’s Chief Product Officer, Dan Putt, shares how to push through that mentality that “the soft stuff matters less.”

After that, we address a couple more big challenges facing founders, all with one aim: debunk the myth that the “soft stuff” is at all less important than the “harder” skills we typically explore on the show. In the end, the biggest reason startups fail is due to cofounder conflict. (We share the actual number in the show — it’s alarming.)

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You should also subscribe to Reboot’s great podcast, hosted by their founder, Jerry Colonna. That’s here.


Jay Acunzo

Jay is the VP of Platform at NextView. He hosts two podcasts -- Traction, the official NextView show about seed-stage startup challenges, and Unthinkable, an audio documentary series about creativity in business. A frequent keynote speaker at startup and marketing events, he began his career at Google before leading content marketing teams at Breaktime Media and HubSpot.

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