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Walking Before Knowing the Path

Often when thinking of what’s next, personally or at work, we tend to delay an actual step forward and instead labor over mapping the path we should take. A collection of well-worn avenues that others – bosses, parents, heroes – have taken before us forge this potential path, the details of which we agonize over.

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What Boston’s Top Consumer Tech Leaders Think About Boston’s Consumer Tech Struggles [#BostonB2C Recap]

On Tuesday, July 21, we hosted the first-ever Boston Consumer Tech Summit. The invite-only event was attended by 300 of the area’s best tech leaders, founders, product managers, designers, developers, investors, engineers, salesmen and women, and more, all of whom are hard at work in consumer tech. This is a recap of the more insightful […]

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Infographic: Must-Listen VC and Startup Investor Podcasts

Seemingly overnight, podcasts are exploding — as are blog posts that claim, “Podcasts are exploding.” Last week, NextView announced the launch of our new show, Traction, exploring the creative and unusual ways entrepreneurs make initial progress. Today, we wanted to share some of the top VC podcasts as a nod to our peers.

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What Is Venture Debt and How Should Startups Use It?

There’s been a lot of digital ink spilled around the various types of capital available to startups today. At NextView, for instance, one of our more popular posts centers on atypical seed rounds to know. Today, we wanted to share some basics of another source of capital: venture debt. What is it, and how should founders think about […]

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Startup PR: A Journalist’s Advice for Seed-Stage Companies Seeking Press Coverage

Editor’s note: Unlike the Ubers and Airbnbs of the tech startup world, seed-stage companies don’t typically have the valuations, awareness, or traction typically associated with press coverage. That said, coverage is important, and early-stage companies would be wise to work with local press in addition to national. Below, we interview Lauren Landry, a journalist who covered the Boston innovation economy […]