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Traction by a Thousand Cuts: How The Muse Scrapped to 4 Million Visitors [Traction #7]

The NextView podcast Traction shares the incredible stories of the creative and unusual things entrepreneurs did to make initial progress in an important area of their businesses. You can listen on iTunes or SoundCloud. Stories to date include LinkedIn, General Assembly, NatureBox, InsightSquared, and more.

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Accidental VC: The Most Dangerous Question for Founders to Overlook in Pitches

Accidental VC is a series of short posts written by me, Jay Acunzo. Though I never planned it, I somehow wound up working in VC as NextView’s VP of platform. As an operator, not an investor, I’m amazed at how many casual, throwaway comments that happen inside a VC’s office would be genuinely useful to entrepreneurs building their […]

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Startup PR: A Journalist’s Advice for Seed-Stage Companies Seeking Press Coverage

Editor’s note: Unlike the Ubers and Airbnbs of the tech startup world, seed-stage companies don’t typically have the valuations, awareness, or traction typically associated with press coverage. That said, coverage is important, and early-stage companies would be wise to work with local press in addition to national. Below, we interview Lauren Landry, a journalist who covered the Boston innovation economy […]