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Gotham Alpha # 5: Skillshare’s Alex Qin on NYTech’s Diversity Gap and How To Fix It

NYTech does not mirror the diversity of its host city…Today on Gotham Alpha, I talk to Alex Qin, Skillshare engineer and founder of Code Cooperative, about the reality of New York Tech’s diversity gap…what factors actually reinforce hiring prejudice here…and how we can all start to fix this problem, right now.

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Tim Devane

Tim is the New York-based Principal at NextView Ventures. Tim wakes up everyday hoping to meet, work with and write about seed stage startups and the entrepreneurs behind them. Tim began his career at Betaworks, working in a variety of roles for the Betaworks’ seed fund and studio. From Betaworks, Tim joined Bitly as one of the first employees and became the Director of Business Development and Sales. After Bitly, Tim became COO of Epic Magazine and an EIR at Red Sea Ventures. A graduate of Wesleyan University where he majored in English – Creative Writing with a certificate in International Relations, Tim helped launch Digital Wes, an alumni-student organization that helps undergrads find jobs at startup. Tim’s first foray into entrepreneurship was starting an environmental non-profit in college called Birthright Earth. Tim was born in London, grew up in Washington D.C. and now lives in Brooklyn with his dog Calypso.