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Introducing the NYC Tech Podcast from NextView [Ep. 1: Melting Pot Problems]

Tim Devane
April 19, 2016 · 1  min.

We’re thrilled today to roll out a bit of an experiment, but one we feel has staying power – an NYC Tech podcast.

This show will be exclusively about, for, and even by New York City tech. Although we’ve written about NYC tech before and are active seed investors here, we’re hoping this podcast can fill a much-needed void, help strengthen the community, and shine a spotlight on an ecosystem that deserves more cheerleaders and local attention.


Where to Find the Show (And Help Us Name It!)

You can subscribe to the NextView podcast, Traction, to receive all NYC-specific episodes, as well as our biweekly stories of how startups gained initial traction (from any geography):

iTunes  | Stitcher

Or you can listen to the first episode below.

You can also help us name the show by tweeting with the hashtag #NextViewNYC. We’ll announce the winner in the coming weeks on the next episode.

In the next episodes, expect more news and trends from NYC Tech, founder and investor guests, and other segments we’re cooking up as we speak.

We deserve more than just a few tech blogs and podcasts dedicated entirely to fostering our local community and rallying individuals around shared knowledge and connection. (Boston actually has multiple podcasts and dedicated tech blogs, believe it or not.) So we hope this show can become not only a small part of that overall ecosystem but, as an early initiative, a rallying cry to others to get even more vocal and supportive around this great city’s tech community.