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How Location-Based Startups Gain Traction City-by-City [Traction #16]

January 11, 2016 · 2  min.

Despite heroic efforts that pay off in one city, a location-based startup practically hits the reset button when they enter new markets. In this episode, Justin Robinson, co-founder of mobile startup and liquor delivery app Drizly, talks about some of the ridiculously non-scalable things they had to do just to get their business off the ground in the right way in both Boston and beyond. In addition, he’ll share some tactics and stories specific to being a location-based startup and all the challenges they faced trying to disrupt (or, as is Drizly’s goal, empower) a slow-moving, traditionally minded industry.

This episodes includes…

  1. The huge (if stereotypical) mistake Justin and his co-founder Nick made when they started, and how that ironically helped them
  2. Why they spent six months working for a liquor retailer and the comical but powerful things that led to
  3. How expanding from your home city to other locations differs
  4. How to gain credibility in an industry populated by traditionally-minded partners

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