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New York City Tech Podcast: Eli Bronner, Growth at AngelList

Tim Devane
September 13, 2016 · 1  min.

New tech ecosystems often benefit from entrepreneurs who will dive in blind and figure out their direction along the way. This profile of founder tends to be younger, obsessively driven, and inclined towards making big, bold, necessary mistakes early and often on the path towards product-market fit.

In 2010, Eli Bronner and his Lua Technologies co-founders were this exact profile of entrepreneurs, and New York City was an exuberant tech ecosystem without much structure or identity.

So what happens when a rookie founding team collides with an adolescent startup city? Today, Eli joins the Gotham Alpha podcast to share this weave of a story. He talks about how far NYC Tech has come, shares stories of watching TechStars start, and offers some lessons learned from watching startup teams hire through AngelList.

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