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Chicken, Egg, Or Farm? An Unusual Launch Problem [Traction #4: Brad Hargreaves]

June 8, 2015 · 1  min.

Traction is NextView’s twice-monthly podcast sharing the stories of creative and unusual ways entrepreneurs gain initial results. Everyone likes to say that startups should do things that don’t scale, so we wondered … what ARE those things? Available on iTunes, Stitcher

In this episode of Traction, Brad Hargreaves joins Rob and me to discuss the launch of General Assembly, including a very unusual problem facing GA when it launched — we dub it the “Chicken, Egg, or Farm to Put It All” problem.

Also on the show…

  • Horrible improv comedy.
  • When students walk out.
  • A centuries-old industry tells Brad to operate one way while a handful of potential customers tells him another. (What would you do?)
  • In a credibility-driven business, Brad finds a clever way to make GA credible from Day One.
  • The toughest city for GA to land and build (as well as the only place where they couldn’t)
  • And our closing segment for all episodes, Alpha-Beta-Scale — three questions about the entrepreneur, from their early life to today to something unusual they think about the future.

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