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How One Journalist Broke into Tech & Rocketed to the Top in Just 18 Months [Traction #5]

June 23, 2015 · 1  min.

Traction is NextView’s twice-monthly podcast sharing the stories of creative and unusual ways entrepreneurs gain initial results. Everyone likes to say that startups should do things that don’t scale, so we wondered … what ARE those things? Available on iTunesStitcher.

In this episode of Traction, Pando Daily tech writer Dennis Keohane joins me to discuss his insanely fast rise from teacher to local reporter to national reporter in our industry. While we have told the stories and will continue to tell the stories of tech startup rocketships, Dennis himself IS a rocketship thanks to his fascinating career rise.

Also on the show…

  • The award that Dennis won that granted him access to one of the top tech startup minds in history.
  • His breakneck trajectory from outside tech to internship to a national tech writer for the widely-read Pando Daily.
  • The different, bold thing Dennis did to get noticed by The Boston Globe.
  • Why Boston’s largest media publications obsess over food, politics, and sports … but not tech … and what can be done to change that.
  • Operating your career like a startup: Validate the market, find traction, and scale
  • And our regular closing segment, Alpha-Beta-Scale — three questions about the entrepreneur, from their early life to today to something unusual they think about the future.

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